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There are many reasons why your business or organisation may require or would benefit from ISO certification. The high quality management systems provided by these international standards help to foster trust and a positive reputation faster than any other initiative.

Your business can benefit greatly by becoming ISO-certified, but these benefits will only materialise if you stick with the program. There’s no sense in trying to cheat or cut corners, as the results would not be the same.

An online diploma purchased from a shady online university may look similar to a certification awarded by reputable educational institutions, but the two are hardly alike. Moreover, the costs of buying the diploma could be equal to or even higher than actually earning it.

A similar situation exists with ISO certification and ISO training services.

Training is not a requirement of any ISO standard

Many training providers are encouraging businesses and organisations in Malta to enrol their teams on various training sessions. At first, such an opportunity may sound like an excellent investment, especially since a significant portion of the costs can be recovered.

However, looking beyond the simple cost, we strongly encourage you to consider the value of such ISO training courses. Right away, we should explain that whilst awareness of ISO standards is a requirement for attaining certification, in-class training is not.

Moreover, to be eligible for these training grants, your team needs to be locked in a room for 20+ hours. In addition, as with all national and EU funding, grant applications involve additional costs, paperwork, and unnecessary bureaucracy.

The inefficiencies of ISO training are even more evident when you consider the costs. Fees charged by a decently-experienced and well-prepared certification consultant would be lower than the staff and resources you would need to tie up and allocate to get any training cash back.

Get ISO-certified the right way

Just like the shady university’s diploma, having your team undergo ISO training will not really get you anywhere.

Instead, by engaging professional consultants who have helped numerous Maltese businesses to get the necessary certification, you’ll actually achieve your objective.

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