Calamatta Cuschieri is one of Malta’s largest financial services firms that pioneered the local financial services industry as early as 1972. With a philosophy to consistently service clients in an honest and personalised manner, Calamatta Cuschieri has moved from strength to strength gaining an excellent reputation along the way.

Today the company offers an extensive range of services including Financial Advice, Live Online Trading, Fund Services, Investment Management Services & Discretionary Portfolio Services amongst others. In addition, Calamatta Cuschieri is a founding member of the Malta Stock Exchange and the representative and distributor for UBS Funds in Malta.


  • Financial Advisory Services and an Online Trading Platform

Certification date:

  • 24/08/2020


Over the last ten years, Calamatta Cuschieri has grown from a relatively small, family-run business into a much larger reality providing a wide range of services to a diverse client base, both locally and internationally. Suffice to say that the staff complement went from 25 in 2011 to over 150 in 2020. As a result of this growth, it was imperative for the organisation to ensure that they remained consistent with their core value proposition in offering high quality and value-added service to their clients.

The decision to opt for ISO Certification was an easy one, driven predominantly by its international acclaim and the increased credibility and recognition it brings with it. The decision was however also motivated by their desire to push themselves to the limit and ensure that they are operating at the best of their abilities at all times.


“The ISO certification exercise was a great journey for everyone within the organisation. It allowed each and everyone of us to truly appreciate the importance of having a robust quality management system – in our case, this is built around a strong customer focus, a systemic approach to management, as well as a drive for continual improvement.

Besides enhancing further our operational efficiencies, we are confident that the ISO certification will continue to support us in the growth phase of our business development as clients and business partners seek to engage with service providers considered to be best-in-class.”


Calamatta Cuschieri was awarded the ISO 9001 certification by Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance (LRQA) in September 2020, just 15 months after they decided to embark on this initiative and notwithstanding the various challenges, such as COVID in particular that 2020 has presented.

This was yet another ambitious project they set out to achieve and one which is synonymous with the way they run their business.

Working with STEP has been a great pleasure. They are organised and have good project management skills ensuring deadlines are achieved.

Stefan and Clive quickly understood our business model and provided invaluable assistance throughout our ISO certification journey which is definitely one of the best decisions we have taken in recent years.

Michael GaleaChief Operating Officer

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