Talexio offers a seamless SaaS HR Tool serving HR, recruitment, and payroll professionals, enhancing their organisation’s efficiency.

Their flexible, automated, and user-friendly system grants organizations control, saving time and reducing internal costs. Tailored for businesses of all sizes and industries, Talexio ensures worry-free scalability as businesses expand.

Recognising the importance of Information Security due to regulations like GDPR, Talexio adopted ISO 27001:2013 as a minimum standard, with assistance from STEP Enterprises Ltd.


  • Tech Industry – Software Development

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Talexio provides a SaaS Human Resource Tool that seamlessly integrates with other tools and systems provided by giants like Google and Microsoft that is accessible from your browser.

Talexio utilises cloud-hosting in order to store and retrieve client information. With a considerable increase in awareness for Information Security and stricter regulations such as General Data Protection Regulations being enforced, ISO 27001:2013 has become a bare minimum requirement within the SaaS industry and Talexio knew this.


Talexio comprises a small team of like-minded individuals who were aware of the cumbersome nature of implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO 27001. Talexio opted to partner up with STEP in order to consult, mentor and implement an ISMS bespoke to the needs of Talexio.


Talexio became ISO-certified with the ISO 27001 standard in slightly over a year. The external audit held by Bureau Veritas was a great success, confirming all of the effort put in by the likes of Talexio and STEP combined.

I would recommend working with STEP for ISO certification. They were with us throughout the whole process and will be with us throughout the next steps, so I would definitely recommend working with STEP.

Lincoln GrixtiHead of Software Engineering

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