Calpac Maritime Services Ltd is a husbandry agency located in Valletta, Malta, which aid vessels in any requirements they may have, both locally and abroad. The company provides a range of services from crew changes, immigration formalities, as well as vessel and seafarer registration with local flag.

Calpac Maritime Services Ltd aims to serve its clients in whatever needs they may have and doing so in the most efficient, cost-effective and most importantly safest way possible. The company’s vision is to keep the client’s interests at the centre of operations at all times and to work to that goal 100% of the time.

Calpac Maritime Services was founded in 1965 by Henry B. Calleja and continues to operate today under the directorship of Henry’s son, Christopher. The company consists of a small workforce of five people; however, the low numbers do not hinder Calpac Maritime Services Ltd from being one of the forerunners in the local agency business. Calpac Maritime Services Ltd has received various letters of recommendation and accreditations from some of the most prestigious and important players in the global maritime industry.


  • Maritime Services, Ship Agency Services

Certification date:

  • 25/07/2016


Before getting in touch with STEP, Calpac Maritime Services Ltd was operating well; however, there were no internal processes in place, to streamline daily operations.

The aim for Calpac Maritime Services Ltd in contacting STEP was to aid in the introduction of these systems and processes that would both make the company more efficient and effective in daily operations. This process would subsequently end in the client having an overall better service from Calpac Maritime Services Ltd.

Another reason for contacting STEP was the aim to earn the ISO Certification which allowed Calpac Maritime Services Ltd. to be more attractive to clients as it is a widely valued asset to have in the entire maritime industry.

The ISO 9001:2015 certificate was chosen as it works on information which is processed to understand trends and for internal improvement. This certificate has helped to improve the efficiency in daily operations as well as to gather data on client satisfaction and also on the areas the company can gain from improving through further investigation or additional training.


To earn the ISO 9001:2015 certification, Calpac Maritime Services Ltd has to take into consideration who would be the best partner in guiding the company to the end goal of ultimately getting the certificate. To this end, STEP was chosen as they proposed the best services and, finally, they came through as being the best guide to Calpac Maritime Services Ltd not just earning the certificate but more importantly becoming a better company overall.

STEP ultimately offered to scrutinise the company and its processes to pick out what needs to be changed and improved upon. STEP also presented solutions to solve any issues that were identified as well as introduced completely new systems and ways to gather data.

The process enabled Calpac Maritime Services Ltd. to get a deeper understanding of how essential it is to have an effective management system that will make the company operate more efficiently. This result has been achieved through the process of working towards and now upholding the standards of ISO 9001:2015.


Calpac Maritime Services Ltd began the process leading to ISO 9001 certification in early 2016 and eventually went for the external audit in July that same year. The company was able to pass the certification audit with ease and continued to do so since.

Since achieving ISO 9001:2015, Calpac Maritime Services Ltd. has overall seen a difference in how the management system works. With reliable, tried-and-tested, processes in place, the company has become more efficient as well as easily able to process data and quickly pinpoint any problems and more importantly solve them before they have any significant negative impact. In other words, the certification has proved itself as an invaluable business asset.

Calpac Maritime Services has been operating in line with ISO 9001:2015 since 2016, and since has seen an improvement in the company’s daily operations as well as used the certificate as an asset to acquire business that otherwise may not have been possible.

Chris CallejaManaging Director

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