BRND WGN is a creative agency that supports business leaders to drive change across organisations and markets. Using their agile and collaborative process, they unlock business potential by blending creativity and insight with their customers’ expertise. Their solutions are delivered through strategy, design and tech services.

Headed by Founder and CEO Peter Grech, BRND WGN employs more than 25 highly skilled individuals who have been responsible for creating and developing brands, campaigns and online presence for some of Malta’s top organisations, such as Farsons, GO, BNF, RE/MAX, Richmond Foundation, Malta International Airport, BMIT and many others.

In 2019, BRND WGN was nominated and awarded the Workplace and People Development Award at the European Business Awards.


  • Creative Services

Certification date:

  • 18/10/2013


BRND WGN was STEP’s first client within the creative space and the first ISO 9001 creative agency in Malta. The most daunting challenge during this project was to adapt and apply all the concepts of ISO 9001 to a service’s context. One of the company’s goals was to improve its processes and add further structure, without jeopardising the creative process.

BRND WGN wanted to tap into the knowledge and best practices of the international standard for quality (ISO 9001). This instilled the process approach mentality which is crucial to repeatedly and consistently achieving customer satisfaction.


BRND WGN needed the expertise and support of STEP in translating the technical requirements of ISO 9001 into simple English and adopting these concepts for their business.

The approach agreed upon from day 1 was KISS; keep it simple, stupid. If processes, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and instructions are not simple; then they are less likely to be followed. The management of BRND WGN challenged the ideas presented throughout the implementation process to ensure that these would work.


BRND WGN successfully achieved ISO 9001 certification by Dimitto Certification Services on the 18th of October 2013; a mere 5 months after commencement.

Since then, BRND WGN has been using STEP’s ISO Support Services to continuously review and refine the company’s processes and conduct frequent internal audits. This has helped BRND WGN maintain a well-oiled machine that consistently delivers customer satisfaction.

Stefan has become an extension to our team here at BRND WGN. His regular monitoring and support, together with his meticulous attention to detail has supported us with constant improvement to our process and quality offering.

STEP’s ability to adapt to our team and culture has made working together a recipe for success, pushing us to 6+ years of successful ISO 9001 certification.

Kris Vella PetroniCOO & Co-Founder

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