With a 4,800 metric tonne storage capacity, Gasco Energy Limited owns and runs an LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) marine terminal, storage, cylinder filling, and cylinder testing facility in Malta.

A 50/50 joint venture between Liquigas SPA, a part of SHV Energy (NL), a world leader in the LPG industry with operations in more than 20 countries, and Multigas Limited, a major Maltese manufacturer of industrial and medical gases, gives rise to Gasco Energy. Gasco Energy began conducting business in July 2012.

With an investment of over Euro 25 million, Gasco Energy now runs a cutting-edge, fully automated LPG bottling and storage facilities at Bengħajsa. Under the Control of Major Accident, the new storage and bottling facility is categorised as an upper tier enterprise.


  • Energy & Renewables

Certification date:

  • 01/07/2015


Gasco Energy operates and maintains a marine terminal, storage and filling of LPG cylinders and road tankers. Considering the volatility of LPG, detailed and strict quality control measures are required to ensure that operators filling LPG cylinders and road tankers, drivers transporting filled LPG cylinders, and clients using the LPG cylinders within their homes and restaurants are at all times safe.

To ensure close monitoring and measurement of the various operations, Gasco Energy implemented a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015.


Gasco Energy partnered with STEP to manage and support its Quality Management System from an unbiased perspective. Gasco Energy partnered up with STEP because they are not only professionals in many different standards, especially ISO 9001, but they also tackle tasks from a hands-on approach. Using a holistic approach, STEP reviewed and questioned Gasco Energy’s internal processes, from operational all the way to support, with the intention of simplifying and providing better methods and systems to help oversee all operations.


Gasco Energy has been ISO 9001:2015 certified with SGS since 2015, and since then has undergone numerous changes internally. By partnering with STEP, Gasco Energy can now focus on not only improving its internal operations and efficiencies but can rely on the expertise provided by the STEP team in ensuring that its Quality Management System is considered a tool rather than a requirement.

We have found STEP as being very reliable, flexible and knowledgeable. Their positive attitude towards the task made working with them a pleasure.

Paul Agius DelicataChief Executive Officer of Gasco Energy Ltd.

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