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As you shop around for the best ISO certification partner in Malta, you’re likely to come across one of the Big 4 companies. This unofficial term refers to four major accounting firms that have representation across the globe and are commonly engaged by governments and multi-billion dollar companies to handle all of their accounting, legal, and management services.

On complex matters involving cross-border transactions and international trade, ownership structures, tax regimes and compliance and many more, the Big 4 are likely one of your best bets. 

However, on matters of ISO certification, they are unlikely to be the best option for your business. Our opinion is based on the following considerations.

1. ISO is not a core service

Even though these brands span the planet, their operations in Malta are mainly focused on tax, accounting, and economic consultations. Beyond these and other core services, these firms normally engage small teams or individuals to handle their add-on services, including ISO certification.

As a result, your business may face a slower process to attain ISO certifications or even get simple clarifications.

2. There is a lack of ISO expertise

Certification expertise is obtained following continuous research and years of going through different ISO certifications. It’s impossible to become an expert on any matter if you’re only dealing with it sporadically. Moreover, without expertise, there is a much greater likelihood of errors, inconsistencies, and ultimately, delays.

By comparison, STEP is wholly focused on international standards certification. Our extensive experience helping clients of varying sizes and operating across numerous industries has made us proper experts on matters of ISO.

3. The cost is not a guarantee of a stellar service

In a perfect world, the high fees normally charged by the Big 4 and similar firms would translate into exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, in many cases, a small or medium-sized business seeking to obtain ISO certification is not given due attention by these organisations.

At STEP, we appreciate the incredible challenges of building a business and turning a profit. This is why we ignore the potential invoice value of a client and instead focus our attention on how our expertise can help achieve the business objectives.

4. The main incentive is to sell, sell, sell

There’s nothing wrong with making a profit and being financially sustainable. Every business must do that to thrive. However, when targets and sales incentives get in the way of offering the right solutions, there’s a problem.

Your first meeting with STEP will unlikely end in a sale. We consider our relationship with you and your business as a journey that lasts for generations. As your business develops and changes, we’re there to offer our support, know-how, and expert assistance.

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