Since 2008, MySchool has been helping educators to simplify and streamline processes, which Founder & CEO, Patrice Peyre, recognised as a common flaw in a school’s MIS.

After working with powerful, cutting-edge systems for global banks and top brands, it was Patrice’s vision to improve the MIS experience by bringing this technology to schools.


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Certification date:

  • 02/12/2016


As MySchool handles the data of hundreds of thousands of students, security and ensuring that they have all the checks and balances in place was extremely important to them. Patrice went on to say that never risking data being exposed and that all security issues logged and tracked are a matter of basic survival for My School.

In doing so, ISO 27001 allowed MySchool to track potential issues and implement a business disaster recovery plan. This made a massive difference to their view on security and reduce their exposure to security threats.


STEP helped MySchool get ISO Certified by guiding them through the process of documenting the way they work in order to identify gaps that were obscure or just not defined.

ISO 27001 Certification helped MySchool mature in terms of management structure as well as in relation to GDPR which has many shared requirements with the ISO standard. With the help of STEP, MySchool not only obtained their certification but also put themselves in a position to compete against American counterparts and companies that were not as involved with their security compliance as MySchool themselves became in the process of ISO 27001 certification.


Because MySchool runs most schools in Malta and are in the business of building a future that they are proud of, getting certified in ISO 27001 now means that they can run their business in such a way that is secure, allowing them to move forward with confidence.

The benefits of [achieving ISO 27001 Certification] are obvious. We just are a much better company!
Working [with STEP] was a pleasure! They were responsive, helpful and also very pragmatic. It was a great experience!

Patrice PeyreFounder & CEO

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