Inġ. Etienne Bartolo, an engineer by profession, established Marsa Rebar Ltd. in 2014, taking over operations of a local factory from a previous company. Marsa Rebar processes rebar for the manufacturing industry & manufactures electro-welded steel wire mesh.

Our main focus is flexibility, ensuring that our customer’s specific requirements are met within the shortest period of time.


  • Manufacturing for Construction

Certification date:

  • 03/11/2020

Certification body:


Marsa Rebar provides rebar and electro-welded steel wire mesh to a wide range of construction companies, ranging from small to large entities.

Our journey towards ISO 9001 Certification & eventually ISO 45001 certification was triggered by the desire to standardise our processes with health and safety at their core and making everyone within our organisation aware of the operational and support processes, with the final goal of certifying our Integrated Management System

Our biggest challenge was ensuring that our procedures remain simple, clear and flexible.


Without interfering with day-to-day operations, STEP systematically and continuously assisted Marsa Rebar in order to understand the organisation’s internal structure and goal.

STEP was able to gather valuable information about the activities that take place and the health and safety hazards connected with those operations through a series of meetings that included staff from all levels within the business.

The team at STEP developed the Integrated Management Manual, Operational & Health and Safety Risk Assessment, Legal Register, and other documents specifically for Marsa Rebar using the organised and improved material from these several sessions.


All employees at Marsa Rebar are now aware of what is expected of them in order to maintain flexibility, meet customer requirements, and protect their own and one another’s health and safety when performing daily tasks thanks to the company’s widespread implementation of the Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001 & ISO 45001 standards.

Marsa Rebar Ltd. chose Dimitto as their certification body, which in late 2020 awarded Marsa Rebar with ISO 9001 certification. Marsa Rebar aims at obtaining ISO 45001 certification by the end of 2023.

Together, Marsa Rebar and STEP have been putting a lot of effort into preserving the quality, health, and safety culture within their company.

STEP Enterprises are not just consultants following procedures to comply with the standards, but instead, are a partner who not only aims at understanding your business, but also giving the right suggestions to attain your goals!

Inġ. Etienne BartoloDirector & Chief Executive Officer

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