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ISO Support Services

Maintaining certification

STEP provides expert assistance for ISO-certified organisations to continue improving their management systems after completing the certification process. As a company grows, it becomes increasingly important to maintain and evolve the systems previously created so that they can cope with new circumstances and challenges. 

Our team will follow up on the work completed with management and staff before certification. Together, we will revisit the strategies and tools that were implemented during that period and help you refine them further through a continuous improvement process. 

This is achieved through regular meetings with stakeholders, where feedback from all parties involved is used to create an actionable and structured framework for improving performance. This ensures the requirements and guidelines of standards become more firmly integrated into the normal running of your business.

Auditing and management reviews

An important aspect of ISO certification is external auditing, which is intended to provide an impartial, objective assessment of how well an organisation is performing according to the requirements set out by a particular international standard.

To make sure your organisation is in top shape before an audit, STEP can organise an independent internal audit and management review carried out by our professionals. Our job is to bridge the gap between your company and the external audit team, by finding and fixing any issues that could result in a less than satisfying final evaluation.

Strategy planning and implementation

The STEP team is experienced at creating simple and effective strategies for improving the quality of business operations and which can be tailored to particular industry sectors, whether manufacturing or service-oriented. 

Our professionals will work closely with your team to find opportunities for improvements and, on this basis, create and implement an appropriate action plan that assigns tasks to specific roles, which ensures accountability is present at all levels of the organisation. We continue assisting your team throughout this process, with follow-ups on decision-making and further planning for specific goals.

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