Customs & Freight Agency Ltd. forms part of the Attard Holdings group, with Kevin Attard the director of Customs & Freight Agency Ltd. and K. Shipping Agency Ltd.

Customs & Freight Agency Ltd. was initially started by Kevin’s father 27 years ago, handling customs clearance for other organisations. As the company grew, they moved on to dealing with paperwork, freight forwarding, and eventually trucking. Customs & Freight Agency Ltd. now forms part of an Italian logistics chain called Passalacqua, with Kevin Attard managing operations in Malta.


  • Logistics & Warehousing

Certification date:

  • 17/07/2015


With Customs & Freight Agency Ltd. forming part of the international chain Passalacqua, there was considerably more pressure and competition, as Kevin explains it

“You are either on a level playing field with all international companies or else basically just pack up and leave.”

Kevin was introduced to STEP, where after going over the basic functions of operation, Stefan immediately suggested that in order to manage a company of such size, a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015 would benefit greatly.


Customs & Freight Agency Ltd. received systematic and ongoing assistance from STEP in order to understand the internal structure and objective of the organisation without interfering with day-to-day operations.

STEP was able to acquire valuable information about the kind of operations that take through a series of meetings that included employees from all levels within the organisation.

The STEP team developed the Quality Manual, Operational Processes, and other documents specifically for Customs & Freight Agency Ltd. using the organised and improved material from these numerous sessions.


All employees at Customs & Freight Agency Ltd. learned their expectations of them through the company-wide implementation of the Quality Management System, which ensured their ongoing commitment to offering a high-quality service.

From the initial kick-off meeting to the certification audit carried out by Dimitto, Customs & Freight Agency Ltd.’s journey took approximately 9 months of constant meetings with Kevin, his staff and STEP.

Customs & Freight Agency Ltd. now forms part of the Global Transport Organisation, where their ISO 9001 certification showed their dedication towards their line of work.

I will completely recommended STEP to get the certification done.
It is not impossible, but it's about time to get yourself organised and when you get yourself organised then things fall into place.
I assure you, that STEP made it possible for us to achieve what we have today.

Kevin AttardDirector at Customs & Freight Agency Ltd.

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