The Gollcher Group has a rich history spanning over 165 years. Its motto ‘Framåt’ which means forward in Swedish, projects the Group’s proactive philosophy to readily anticipate and deal with challenges ahead.

The organisation combines experience, a solid reputation and knowledge with a forward-looking mentality which has always proven to be reliable and effective.

Today, the Gollcher Group is at the forefront of the maritime, international transportation and travel sectors in Malta and is fully committed to providing a first-class quality service to business partners and customers. Its activities are diverse and include Ship Agency, Freight Forwarding, Airline Cargo GSSA, International Courier, Marine Surveyors, Travel Services and Ship/Yacht Registration.

The group holds ISO 9001:2015 certification and IATA accreditation as well as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.


  • Logistics (Freight Forwarding, Ship Agency)

Certification date:

  • 18/11/2008

Certification body:

  • MCCAA (Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority)


Achieving ISO 9001 certification was a big accomplishment that required hard work; maintaining certification and keeping current with the ISO 9001 standard’s requirements calls for a continuous effort by all the staff at Gollcher.

STEP has been contracted for 5+ years to support Gollcher in this continuous journey of improvement to provide ongoing training, updates and improvements to the Quality Management System and to conduct an impartial internal audit function.


STEP was initially requested to assist Gollcher Group to transition from the older version of ISO 9001:2008 to the revised edition; ISO 9001:2015.

In order to increase the effectiveness of Gollcher’s Quality Management System, STEP provided ISO 9001 Training (Introduction / Awareness and Advanced sessions) to all key players within the organisation.

Gollcher continues to reinforce and build on its ISO foundations by working with STEP and utilising our ISO Support Services. This means that STEP periodically carries out impartial, evidence-based internal audits which give the management a clear picture of the business.


Gollcher’s partnership with STEP has resulted in a mutually beneficial relationship. STEP’s ISO training and internal audits have introduced a number of improvements to the Gollcher Management System… all leading to successful re-certifications and ultimately better quality services and increased customer satisfaction to Gollcher’s clients.

Further ISO challenges await as Gollcher explores the potential for Environmental, Energy Efficiency and Health & Safety aspects.

Gollcher's services are certified by the MCCAA to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System – in fact Gollcher is about to reach an important milestone; 12 years of ISO 9001 certification!

Gollcher decided to reinforce and build on its ISO foundations by working with STEP Enterprises; utilising ISO Support (Internal Auditing) Services and ISO 9001 training for all the staff.

This relationship has been ongoing since 2015 and stands tribute to their professional yet personal service.

Mark GollcherDirector

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