Transcripta is a translation services provider with offices in Valletta and Msida. They have more than 15 years of experience in the translation sector, providing professional quality translations in all languages for corporate clients, EU institutions, public entities and private individuals. Areas of specialisation include legal, medical/pharmaceutical, financial, marketing and expatriate affairs. Transcripta’s mission is to handle the multilingual translation of technical texts to the highest professional standards.

Transcripta is certified according to ISO 17100 and employs 25 full-time employees while working with hundreds of freelance translators.


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Certification date:

  • 09/12/2014


For a Translation Services Provider, the biggest challenge when implementing a Quality Management System is to make sure that there is a structure that facilitates and ensures a quality output.

What is quality in translation services?

Its the combination of the quality of the translation itself and other criteria such as price, the time for delivery, availability, communication and flexibility.

In the fast-paced translation services context, the biggest challenge is to have a lean system that can be integrated in the company’s translation management software.


STEP held a number of meetings with the directors of Transcripta during which we found the correlations between ISO 17100 (a standard specific for translation companies) and ISO 9001.

We then created a number of manuals as guidelines to be reviewed by the company. Following this, we provided training to all individuals to ensure that everyone is brought up to speed.

Currently we are providing Transcripta a number of services to make sure that systems are being followed by the company and to simplify and reduce the workload from the company whilst ensuring that there is added value to being ISO certified.


Thanks to the work carried out by STEP, Transcripta developed an ISO compliant quality manual which allowed them to map out their processes and improve quality control procedures without slowing down our production targets.

Mapping out and documenting workflows in detail and ensuring quality assurance at every step has allowed Transcripta to identify areas for improvement in a continual manner, thus promoting sustainable business growth.

We have been working with STEP Enterprises since 2013. They had guided us ever since our first steps to achieve ISO 9001 certification, and subsequently towards ISO 17100. Their expert advice and professional support have been indispensable to optimise our quality assurance procedures.

Dr. Alex Spiteri-GingellDirector & Legal Representative

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