Mr. Adrian Gomez Blanco established Multivend Services Limited in 1997. Building on his prior work as a vending machine mechanic for a well-known local soft drink company, Adrian started out as a one-man show. The business’ operations were swiftly extended by him, and it currently employs over thirty people and has equipment placed all throughout Malta and Gozo.

One of the company’s key objectives is to offer customers a wide range of products and services that cover all aspects of vending and Ho.Re.Ca (Hotel, Restaurants and Catering).


  • Vending Machines & Ho.Re.Ca Services

Certification date:

  • ISO 45001: 28/09/2020

Certification body:


Multivend Services Ltd. has its vending machines set up within multiple different workplaces such as governmental offices, banks, hotels, and technical offices.

There has been a considerable increase in requests for the vending machine and Ho.Re.Ca services since starting Multivend Services Ltd. in 1997. Such an increase was motivated by the growth of both national and international companies and governmental agencies, requiring more stringent requirements to become their service providers. Health and Safety Certification (ISO45001) is particularly important in this regard, as employees from Multivend Services Ltd. require to enter the office spaces of clients


Without interfering with day-to-day operations, STEP systematically and continuously assisted Multivend Services Ltd in order to understand the organisation’s internal structure and goal.

Through numerous meetings, involving employees from all levels within the organisation, STEP gained useful insight into what type of operations occur, and the health and safety risks associated with those operations.

With the information from these numerous meetings organised and refined, the team at STEP created the Health and Safety Manual, Health and Safety Risk Assessment, Legal Register and others, bespoke to the needs of Multivend Services Ltd.


Through the company-wide implementation of the Health and Safety Management System, all employees at Multivend Services Ltd. became aware of the requirements expected of them in order to preserve their own and each other’s Health and Safety when carrying out daily tasks.

From the initial kick-off meeting to the certification audit carried out by Dimitto, Multivend Services Ltd.’s journey took approximately 6 months of hard work and dedication from both Adrian’s team and STEP.

Multivend Services Ltd. and STEP have been working hard together to ensure that the Health and Safety culture within their organisation is maintained.

STEP Enterprises were a huge help; they were systematic from the very beginning, providing constant and regular support whenever needed!

Adrian Gomez BlancoDirector

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