HandsOn Systems is an international technology company focusing on telematics or as referred to by many an IoT company. HandsOn develops GPS tracking and fleet management solutions, RFID Asset Tracking solutions, Usage-Based Insurance software and task management software.

HandsOn mission is that of connecting assets with their people and people with their assets. HandsOn has ten years’ experience, employs around 40 employees across the globe, and has its headquarters in Malta.

HandsOn CEO and founder, Geoffrey Farrugia, envisions a future whereby all our prized possessions, both in our personal life and at work, will be intricately connected to the IoT fabric, making the world a much smarter place in which to live.


  • Technology

Certification date:

  • 27/07/2016


HandsOn Systems rapid growth locally and internationally meant that various internal business processes had to be streamlined and optimised.

To continue providing state of the art software and improve its support to various top companies around the world, HandsOn required to adopt a quality management (QM) certification like ISO 9001.

Working alongside with STEP, various departments worked tirelessly to design and implement Standard Operating Procedures as a foundation for growth and an increased level of competitiveness and sustainability.


Due to the dynamic nature of the business, HandsOn needed guidance and assistance to go through the certification process.

Through their passion, knowledge and experience, STEP has been extremely instrumental in helping get HandsOn ISO 9001 certified. Through various meetings and workshops conducted with the respective teams, STEP has helped HandsOn document and implement step-by-step systems and procedures that help engage with customers more effectively by logging, listening and responding to complaints.


Within a few months, HandsOn was able to receive the ISO 9001 certification. By going through the various processes involved in offering the best in class GPS tracking systems and other related solutions, HandsOn is managing to meet and exceed its customer needs and become more cost-effective.

Following this certification, HandsOn is now planning to implement the ISO 27001 to continue improving and maintaining its high level of standards in all aspects of the organisation thus ensuring excellence and quality at all times.

The team at STEP is very charismatic. If it was not for their patience and support, we would not have managed to implement ISO 9001 effectively!

Geoffrey FarrugiaChief Executive Officer

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