Elbros Group was formally set up in 1989 by the Ellul family and is currently one of the leading companies in Malta in the construction industry.

Elbros Construction Ltd, together with its sister companies Elbros Concrete Ltd and Elbros Precast Ltd, provide services ranging from structural and civil construction to manufacture of precast prestressed elements and batched concrete.  The Company is proud to emphasize that the majority of business comes from repeat clients.

By attracting and retaining the best construction professionals in the industry, Elbros is able to maintain the highest standards and ethics.  The companies have more than 300 full‐time employees and specialist sub‐contractors are engaged according to project requirements. The company’s employees are highly skilled in construction trades to produce work of high-quality standard. These are backed by a fully qualified management team.


  • Construction, Marine Works, Landscaping, Restoration, Excavation, Design, Manufacture, Provision Of Precast Elements

Certification date:

  • 08/07/2015


Since this is a 2nd generation business, that had been taken over from the 1st generation, STEP had the opportunity to be able to put down its ideas on how operations are to be done.

The company, coming from a construction background has a challenge that not all staff have a level of education. STEP had to make sure that all service provided are understood by all the employees.


STEP met with all stakeholders within the company including directors, project directors, and site managers. We understood their working structures, and pain points and created a simple management system to be used for all jobs which ensures that quality is a priority.

As advised by one of the project directors himself; STEP helped Elbros Group understand that all the “daily tasks” are parts of process. STEP also assisted in organising tasks into processes and which helped staff understand what they do and how.

Elbros Group are now using the structure that was created by STEP to further digitise their processes in software to further increase efficiency and effectiveness.


The ISO 9001 certification has helped to organise the Company’s procedures in a way that is conformant to an internationally recognised way of working. It has set standards which determine what level of quality needs to be achieved during the whole process from order stage till the product and/or service is delivered to the client.

It has ensured traceability of materials and record keeping during the processes in order to ascertain that all the checks are being carried out to ensure the desired quality. Training of Personnel and certification of materials and equipment is part of an ongoing process to ensure that both the workforce is competent to achieve the desired results and also that the materials reach the desired specification before being used in the production processes.

Internal audits are periodically carried out in order to assess that the established procedures are adhered to and to ensure their effectiveness. This leads to tweaking of existing processes and/or introduction of new procedures to always better the product/service being rendered.

STEP has been instrumental in aiding Elbros to achieve ISO 9001 certification. STEP also provides continuous assistance in maintaining such certification. The consultancy provided is solution-oriented, professional and is executed efficiently in a way which is tailor-made for the company.

Perit Jeffrey ScerriQuality Assurance Manager

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