Bridgepoint was founded in 2014 and has since grew the business to one of Malta leading brands in their field. Bridgepoint now employs 10 people, and are continually growing the company year after year.

In addition, Bridgepoint launched its online shop 4 years ago. This shop is continuously being upgraded with new features making it one of Malta’s favourite bathroom fitting and kitchen accessories online store.


  • Import, Wholesale and Retail

Certification date:

  • 01/08/2019

Certification body:

  • SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance)


In 2018 Bridgepoint started growing exponentially and management wanted to restructure the company inner workings, before it got too big to do so effectively.

Through this restructuring process, the company got its processes certified and the ISO system is now part of their DNA, helping them grow whilst maintaining the quality service which helped them get here in the first place.


STEP had to consider that Bridgepoint is a relatively small company in terms of human resources, and therefore ensure that all the time spent with the client was maximised and used efficiently.

STEP ensured that the management system implemented did not increase the company’s bureaucracy and did not complicate its processes.


Bridgepoint became certified in 2019 by SGS Italy, after six months of internal auditing. The auditing process ran smoothly without causing any disruption to the operations during the period which this was being drawn up.

Now that Bridgepoint are certified they are still working closely with STEP, to make sure that they keep their systems in check. This is being done with quarterly visits which enable Bridgepoint to keep tabs over the past months. In this way, they do not stray from the quality standards that together we have achieved.

Working with Clive and Stefan from STEP was fantastic. They're great people and guide you through every process required and make sure the company is ready for the ISO audit.

We feel that acquiring ISO has helped us maintain the quality of our processes, whilst making sure we keep up the standard we have achieved throughout the years.

Would definitely recommend STEP to help companies get their required certification.

Lara CamilleriGeneral Manager

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