Storage Systems, which started operations as far back as 1988, is the leading intralogistics company in Malta, setting new benchmarks in storage design and installation over the last three decades, and are the local expert when it comes to space management solutions.

In 2016, The Debono Group of Companies acquired Storage Systems, which helped in expanding Storage Systems’ offerings to include material handling and forging a special connection with Toyota Industries Corporation.


  • Intralogistics

Certification date:

  • 03/03/2023


Storage Systems manages and controls a multitude of different products and services, which makes overseeing all operations a complex task. In addition to this, dealing with a wide variety of large, international and global corporations requires specific quality conditions to be met and maintained.

After communicating with a number of different local companies, Storage Systems partnered with specialists STEP for the consultation, implementation, and support of a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015.


Storage Systems received systematic and ongoing assistance from STEP in order to understand the internal structure and objective of the organisation without interfering with day-to-day operations.

Through a series of meetings with representatives from all levels of the organisation, STEP was able to gather important information regarding the types of operations that occur.

The Quality Manual, Operational Processes, and other supporting material for Storage Systems were created by STEP during the different meetings that were held.


The company-wide adoption of the Quality Management System ensured that all employees at Storage Systems understood what was expected of them and that they would continue to provide a high-quality service, whilst maintaining simplicity and ease of control.

From the initial kick-off meeting to the certification audit carried out by Bureau Veritas, it took Storage Systems approximately 10 months. STEP followed its’ proven process, meeting regularly with the Storage Systems team to ensure a smooth and simple implementation.

Storage Systems utilises the newly implemented Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 as a tool to oversee all operational and support processes, with the end goal being continual improvement.

I will completely recommended STEP to get the certification done.
It is not impossible, but it's about time to get yourself organised and when you get yourself organised then things fall into place.
I assure you, that STEP made it possible for us to achieve what we have today.

Adrian MifsudChief Executive Officer at Storage Systems

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