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As we have explained in previous posts, ISO certification is not a singular objective that is completed and then forgotten about. Rather, it is an integral part of business operations, just like payroll or marketing. Becoming certified in one or more ISO standards is certainly an achievement to be proud of, but your team needs to ensure that they are adhering to the guidelines and checklists created as part of the process.

ISO certification and its associated processes can be tricky to properly understand. This is why at STEP, we provide accredited ISO training solutions. We have experienced a significant increase in enquiries regarding this training, so we will provide an overview in this post.

Customisable training tailored to your needs

We provide training across most standards. To date, our most popular courses include ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 27001 (Information Security), and ISO 45001 (Health & Safety). If you are planning to become or already are ISO certified, we can help you identify the most appropriate training programmes. All our training is provided either in a classroom setting or live online and is designed to be flexible and focused, minimising your team’s downtime.

Most of our training courses are split into three primary categories:

  • General Awareness: This is an introductory course and is designed to provide anyone with a basic understanding of the particular ISO standard.
  • Internal Auditor: This is a specialist course which normally runs for two days and provides participants with in-depth knowledge about performing internal audits within organisations.
  • Lead Auditor: This is an advanced specialist course that normally runs for five days and provides participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform audits on behalf of certification bodies. It should be noted that following completion of this course, participants would still need to obtain approval from a certifying body in order to perform such audits.

Both individuals and organisations can benefit from our training services, as we do not set any minimum participant requirements. We work with a number of major international training providers to deliver training based on the specific needs of participants. This ensures that no time is wasted on irrelevant or extremely theoretical courses. Instead, participants will receive useful and practical ISO training which is also internationally accredited.

If you intend to train several individuals from your team, STEP can provide tailored training at competitive rates. We are happy to work on an ad-hoc basis to satisfy your particular needs.

Benefiting from a local training provider

STEP has been assisting businesses in Malta to attain ISO standards for many years. This allows us to quickly identify and recommend the right training course for your organisation. Save on travelling costs and extended periods of time away from the office, whilst receiving comprehensive training on a particular ISO standard.

Our international partners are the only ones that offer an online academy with live classes throughout the year. By connecting with us, you could benefit from discounts on these courses, along with ongoing local support.

Cover part of your training costs with JobsPlus

Various organisations, including companies and self-employed individuals, can benefit from training subsidies available under the Investing in Skills initiative. By applying for one of our live courses, whether it is a classroom or based online, you can benefit from up to €25.85 per trainee per hour. In addition, JobPlus could also provide up to €5.20 of wage costs per hour.

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