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Customer Feedback

Knowing your customers is the first step to delight them

Measuring customer satisfaction levels is an important part of assessing the effectiveness and success of your organisation in its market. It is also vital for ISO-certified businesses that need to continually identify and track their customers’ expectations, and improve their systems to meet and exceed them.

It is well-known that there is a tight correlation between customer satisfaction and repeat business, which means satisfied customers are more likely to return to you when they need the service you offer.

Unlike new customers, you don’t have to spend anything on marketing and converting an existing customer, therefore every customer that returns to you represents an opportunity to increase profitability. Over time, the cumulative value of a loyal customer far outweighs that of a one-time buyer.

STEP helps ISO companies by carrying out the gathering and analysis of customer satisfaction data through a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods.

Qualitative feedback

Qualitative feedback can be collected using a variety of techniques such as surveys and one-on-one interviews, which can reveal different levels of detail about your customers’ perception of your company.

Customer feedback surveys allow for longer, more open-ended responses. Compared to numerical rating systems, the type of information captured by surveys is richer, giving you a deep insight into your customer’s mind. However, surveys usually take more time and effort to carry out and depend on people’s willingness to answer questions honestly and in sufficient detail. 

One-on-one interviews are the most intensive feedback collection technique and we recommend you use them with your top clients, especially the ones you meet face to face with the most often. Interviews can be audio or video-recorded and later transcribed in order to analyse the transcript for voice or body cues, and recurring themes.

Quantitative analysis

This type of investigation returns numerical values that can be manipulated through statistical methods in order to find out the level of customer satisfaction across different variables, as well as providing a baseline for future analyses which can be used as a convenient way to measure and track progress over time. 

One of the simplest quantitative methods to measure customer satisfaction is the simple rating system since it requires the least commitment and effort on part of the respondent. With the star rating system, a company’s service is broken down into different factors, e.g. quality, attention, and speed, which is each assigned a rating scale from 1 (least favourable) to 5 (most favourable), and respondents rate them based on their experience.

The effect of customer satisfaction on your company’s bottom line cannot be dismissed. Through ISO implementation, STEP will guide you on the path towards understanding better your customer base, and improving satisfaction rates.

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