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As you’re reading our first article of 2022 you’re probably planning for the upcoming year and how to make the most of it. 

Now, imagine what you’ll be thinking about 12 months from today. What if you could count obtaining international recognition for quality as one of your achievements? Perhaps you’d consider 2022 a great year if your business or organisation implemented a system to protect itself from growing threats.

How happy would you make your boss and team be if you find proven ways to reduce costs and the negative impact of your operations on the environment?

These and many other valuable accomplishments are realistically attainable through ISO certification.

A revolutionary solution that doesn’t require a revolution

Getting ISO certified is a rigorous process that does take up a significant amount of your resources. However, planned properly, it can have a minimal impact on your organisation and lead to improved efficiency and productivity.

STEP has helped hundreds of businesses to identify the most suitable standards and prepare your entire team for the necessary changes. Working together, we can implement the improvements that will lead to your globally-recognised certification.

What are the benefits of ISO certification?

Our clients operate across a wide spectrum of industries that include medical, construction, manufacturing, and I.T. services. When we first outline the benefits of ISO certifications many are astounded to learn that numerous standards could apply to any industry, no matter the size or scope of the business.

ISO 9001 is a perfect example of this. The most successful ISO standard, ISO 9001 provides a quality management system that makes it possible for any entity to provide consistently high quality to its customers or users.

Similarly, ISO 27001 provides a universal standard for an information security management system. In simpler terms, it provides organisations with a structured and proven way to protect valuable information whilst making it accessible to authorised users.

At first glance, ISO 45001 might appear to only interest those operating in construction and other high-risk industries. In reality, this occupational health and safety standard can bring value to any business or organisation that cares about its staff’s well being.

There are also several industry or organisation-specific ISO standards, such as ISO 17100. This standard is designed specifically for businesses involved in offering translation services. With STEP’s expertise, you’ll be quickly able to understand which standards apply to your particular circumstances.

A new year’s resolution that’s worth keeping

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalised but also increasingly distrustful, ISO standards provide valuable reassurance. Moreover, in certain cases, holding one or more international standards is a prerequisite for bidding or participating in projects.

Get in touch with a STEP representative today and start planning the next growth stage for your business.

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