Zyla Computing was set up to deliver IT infrastructure services to various businesses with a main focus on the Gaming Telecommunications and FinTech sectors. The original services were focused only on the standard hardware provisioning model by deploying hardware appliances and mainstream hypervisors installed on servers and interconnected by ethernet switches/firewalls.

Zyla Computing has now evolved to offer cloud services via Zyla Cloud. Customers are now able to deploy compute instances, mailboxes and object storage in a couple of seconds, all managed within a web portal. The team is growing each year so that the company can offer around the clock support to its customers.

Luke Camilleri, the CEO and Founder, has more than 20 years of experience in the IT infrastructure business and envisions a future where all business rely on cloud services and technology to solve their IT infrastructural needs. This way, businesses can move away from the traditional office servers and IT needs and transition to a cloud-managed, remote, secure and always connected infrastructure.


  • IT / Cloud Services Provider

Certification date:

  • 02/10/2019


Working with client’s servers and data required all of the company’s processes to be optimised and standardised. Furthermore, a robust information security management system was required and needed to be adopted. These two requirements were of utmost importance so that the company could build confidence in its clients that they could rely on Zyla to handle their IT infrastructural needs.

The initial request to STEP was pretty simple, Zyla needed to make sure that its processes are in-line with the ISO 9001 standard whilst paving the way for ISO 27001 certification. Together we embarked on a journey to achieve all the requirements while maintaining and improving the requirements that Zyla had already met.

Working with STEP’s team, various people worked around the clock to design and implement the procedures and systems as a foundation for growth and information security to increase Zyla’s level of competitiveness.


The initial stages as with most endeavours were the most challenging until the necessary momentum was gained. The mindset and processes approach of STEP’s ISO consultants were instrumental.

STEP helped throughout all the stages of the ISO implementation lifecycle with various key players performing gap analysis meetings, drafting and reviewing manuals and procedures, providing training to staff and assisting during the implementation of systems. STEP and Zyla adopted a flexible system throughout the ISO implementation process through various meetings, remote video calls and workshops. This was instrumental to streamline the methods of communication, operations and sales used by Zyla with its customers.


Zyla started its ISO 9001 implementation in April 2019 which was completed by achieving certification in October 2019. This was within the agreed time frame which fit perfectly Zyla’s requirements. Zyla immediately checked availability to start the ISO 27001 implementation process which commenced in March 2020 and was completed by October 2020.

With both ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certifications achieved, Zyla is now planning to look into the additional requirements and controls of other ISO standards such as ISO 27002, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018.

This further solidifies Zyla’s commitment to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information whilst providing a reliable cloud computing service in Malta and beyond.

Initially when thinking about ISO certifications one might think of "a lot of work". However, it is the process that makes the company grow. Throughout the ISO implementation and certification processes one would start to identify weaknesses that one might have overlooked.

STEP guided us throughout the entire process making sure that we don't waste time re-inveting the wheel. For us STEP are not only our ISO consultants, they are our loyal, trusted partners.

Luke CamilleriCEO & Founder

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