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It’s probably no news to you that your enterprise and its environment are constantly changing. New technologies, different ways of doing things, and new expectations are just some of the triggers of change. Getting (and staying) on top of your game means that you see such changes occurring before others do, and take action when required.

One of the many questions you have to ask yourself is – is it time to get ISO 9001 certified?

Answering this question can be tricky. To help you, we have created a list of signs that may highlight the need for ISO 9001 certification. These signs take into account both internal (enterprise) and external (environment) factors.

Should You Get ISO 9001 Certification?

If any of the following scenarios seem familiar, we recommend that you get in touch with us today. Through a commitment-free consultation, we can discuss your current and future needs and guide you to the most appropriate action.

1. Your Business is Growing

A growing business is certainly good news, but it comes with its own challenges. As your enterprise develops, new team members will likely join. Internal management becomes a primary concern, and, if dealt with inefficiently, a concerning cost.

Getting ISO 9001 certified is not about receiving the certificate. The process that precedes this will help your enterprise organise itself. Staff roles will be clearly defined, as will the boundaries of who does what and why and when.

2. Staff and Customers are Sending Mixed Messages

Your products and services appear to be selling, but something doesn’t feel quite right. You’re getting some positive feedback, but also more complaints than you would like. Either your customers or employees, or both, are clearly not as satisfied as they could be.

Very often, one of the reasons for this is inconsistent quality and service.

ISO 9001 can help here too. As part of the certification process, your customer-facing and internal processes are reviewed and enhanced. The objective of this exercise is to deliver consistent quality every time, no matter who is making the delivery. This can include both the delivery of a product or service, as well as the delivery of a timely decision.

3. A Customer Demands It

This is a self-evident sign that ISO 9001 certification is required. International businesses, or those that aspire to be, as well as governmental entities are increasingly seeking to work with ISO 9001-certified enterprises. By doing this, they have some level of assurance that their expectations will be met.

Certain industries, including pharmaceuticals, aerospace, shipping & logistics, and many others have long required their partners to be duly certified. In these and other specialised sectors, ISO 9001 is only one of many standards that are required.

4. Your Competition is Certified

Before your competitors got ISO 9001 certified, they probably went through a decision-making process similar to yours. In addition to the previous signs, they might have concluded that by being duly certified they would be able to price their products or services according to their true value.

Another reason they might have obtained this internationally-recognised certification is their plans to expand beyond our shores. Building trust internationally is an even greater challenge than doing it locally. With ISO 9001 certification to their name, they’re improving their first impression and increasing the likelihood of any deal going through.

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