STEP Auditing Services

Most companies simply do not have the time, energy or resources to carry out internal audits themselves. Successful businesses are too busy to expend valuable time and resources familiarising themselves with auditing procedures and tactics.

That’s where we come in. As ISO specialists, we know exactly what it is we should look for, and exactly what it is we should do. Our auditing services provide you with external input from a specialist team to measure and improve your processes, ensure customer satisfaction and offer you peace of mind.

Gap Analysis

Before we start, why do we ask these questions of you?

Take five minutes and answer these questions so that we can save time now before our first meeting with you! Answer the 10 questions below, spending no more than 5 minutes thinking about the answers you provided:

1. Do you know your company's quality goals?
2. Do you perform management reviews where information about the company quality goals is analysed?
3. Do you have a management representative that is responsible for quality?
4. Do you perform specific job training for the employees to ensure that they are doing their job correctly?
5. Are the employees aware how their job can influence the quality of the final product?
6. Do you have any records of the employees training, skills and education?
7. Do you have a written process that you follow for the following items?  
i. To make your product/service
ii. To ensure that you completely understand what your customer need
iii. To ensure that you take into consideration any regulations /laws which may be applicable to the product / service that your customer needs
iv. To make any changes, if requested by the client, to the original request/order?
v. To keep track of any customer feedback / complaints?
vi. To choose your suppliers/subcontractors and keep track of their performance?
vii. To check that the goods that you receive are good?
8. Do you have a method to trace your product while it is being produced?
9. Do you keep track of any customer feedback / complaints?
10. Do you have a method to follow when a finished product is not good enough to be given to the customer?
*     Best time for proposal meeting (e.g. 22nd February 2020 - afternoon).