What is ISO?

ISO is a Management System standard which helps organizations ensure that their customer requirements are being met. The primary intent behind the standard is that of implementing systems to be used by Management in order to better run the business. Many companies have portions of these best practices in place currently or they wouldn't be able to stay in business. However, the standard offers a more structured approach for processes such as how customer requirements are reviewed and met; how products or services are actually produced and delivered; how employees are hired and considered to be competent; how documents are controlled to ensure they are current; how management itself periodically reviews the processes they have implemented; and how data is used in decision making. In fact, the 23 page standard provides guidance in all areas of the business and its process focused approach to organizational improvement can be applied to any business no matter the industry or size.

My company is very small. Can I get certified?

Absolutely. We've even worked with companies of one or two people who decided to get certified. The processes that you'll put in place would have the same intent as a much larger company. We work with organizations to assist them in balancing the appropriate level of documentation with what's necessary to meet requirements.

How much will ISO cost?

The cost is based on a number of factors. There are costs to implement and set up, a cost related to the Registrar and those related to ongoing maintenance. The approximate cost for setting up is around €7,000, the cost for registration of a company with less than 10 employees is €600 and maintenance for a 3 year period would total to around €1500.

How long will it take to achieve certification?

Around 4 months are required to get all the systems in place while another 2 months circa are required from filing for application to the certification stage.

Will getting certified require too much of my time?

Not likely. Your commitment is to helping us get all the information we need from you and your employees so as to have procedures and forms that reflect the operation within your business. The clearer you communicate this with us, the less of your time we will need.

Will ISO make more paperwork?

No. With small businesses, the assessor will not expect a complicated system, so we don't create one. Provided you have practical, common sense systems for running your business, there should be little extra documentation required.